Sven Zetterberg - Blues and Southern Soul


This year (2014), I´m celebrating my 42nd anniversary as a live performing artist. On the 28th of March I became 62 years old.

I will continue to perform regularly with Sven Zetterberg Blues Band, consisting of Mikael Fahleryd, bass, Jim Ingvarsson, drums, Anders Lewen, guitar and Torbjörn Eliasson, keyboards/ saxophone.

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Talking about blues players outside America it´s hard to leave out Sven Zetterberg, Sweden´s most versatile artist in this field. Being both an excellent singer, guitarist, songwriter and harmonicaplayer extraordinary, he has become a house-hold name all over Scandinavia.

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We have three songs from Svens new album Mileage. More of Sven in the music section.

1 Love Can Go Wrong

2 Tall, Dangerous and Drunk

3 I’m Gonna Change

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King Sven

Sven on his throne.


Here is Sven, shot the way I imagined Annie Leibovitz would shoot Sven.