Discography for Sven Zetterberg

Something for everybody 2016

Mileage  2012

Grounded in reality  2010

Hollerin´ up a storm   2007

Southern Soul Agenda   2006

Soul of a man  2004    compilation

Moving in the right direction 2004

Let me get over it 2001

Blues from within 1999

Chicago Express  Steppin´ out alive 1996

Chicago Express  Permanently Blue 1995

Chicago Express  Watch your step  1991

Chicago Express  The blue soulution 1990

Chicago Blues meeting 1984  with Knut Reiersrud vinyl lp

Bluesmeeting in Chicago 1983 with Knut Reiersrud rec. at Chess vinyl lp

Four Roosters  Rooster Blues 1982 with Knut Reiersrud vinyl lp

The Reason vinyl single 1980

Blue Fire vinyl lp 1978

Telge Blues vinyl lp 1975 feat.Anders Gutke


Big City Rhythm 2006    different blues players from Sweden

Back to their roots 2004  different blues players from Sweden

Horton´s Briefcase 2000  a compilation of swedish harmonica blues

Sweet Pain cd-single 1994 feat.Eric Bibb

Frostbiten Blues vinyl-lp 1984 with Göran Wiklund

Mälardalsblues Blues around the clock vinyl lp 1983 early Chicago Express